How to Carry Bold and Vibrant Shades to Turn the Heads

Bold and Vibrant Shades

Aren’t you tired already of the old, neutral, and blandcolors?
We mean, yes, whites and blacks have their own charm, but sometimes we forget about the other colors that look far greater than those neutral ones. Here is how to carry your bold and vibrant shades.

Yes, wearing bold and vibrant shades requires you to step out of your comfort zone. That’s a hard thing to do, but once done, you won’t give up on bold shades ever. Name it my pinky promise!

When you wear such shades, you feel like a different person—not even kidding.

Have you ever felt good about yourself because your makeup is on point or your selfies look bomb? Trying out a new, bright color might just make you feel more than that.

The colors you wear can make you stand out and make heads turn your way. So, are you ready to stop blending into the crowd?

Some Ways to Carry Bold Colors like a Pro

Here comes the real deal, guys. So what if you decide to wear bold colors finally?

You should know how to carry them in the most elegant and fun manner.

Sounds intimidating? Oh, no. Not at all.

Many people are unsure about which shades would go together and how actually to style them.

That’s why we’re here to guide you on how to rock the boldest colors without a care in this world.

Let’s go.

The color wheel’s job isn’t finished yet

Remember the colorful wheel from art classes in elementary school?

Well, guess what? It is useful, after all.

This wheel is going to be your best friend when it comes to deciding shades of colors. Since it has all the colors of a rainbow, you can see which ones go together well.

Want to know a secret? The colors that sit on opposite sides of the wheel look great together.

Another tip is to mix and match colors that are next to each other on the wheel. That is when you’ll get a dazzling combination, which is going to be a sight for your eyes.

Ahem, ahem. Not only your eyes.

Start off with one color

If you’re not comfortable with mixing and matching colors yet, then not a problem. You can use just one color for the bold look.

You can wear red from head to toe and end up looking like a complete goddess. However, you can try different shades and tones of red as well. The same color doesn’t necessarily mean just one shade, you know?

Darker and lighter variations of a single color can make your outfit more appealing. This is to ensure that while you look striking, you don’t overdo it.

Such as pairing a pastel pink leather bag with a bright yellow skirt. Your outfit will pop out, but the bag would keep some balance.

Experiment with different textures of clothes

This is a great way to come up with the perfect outfit.

For instance, if we talk about denim, it is the safest option out there. It works with pretty much everything and gives a casual look to your flashing clothes.

Got some bright orange trousers you’re afraid to wear out? Not a problem. Take out that denim jacket from your closet and pair it with the trousers. Guess what? The world is your runway now.

Similarly, pairing a bright chiffon outfit with a neutral-colored leather jacket would make a brilliant outfit.

You can also try combinations of silk and suede, as well as denim and wool.

Neutral metallic with some bold shades

Metallics do so much with so little effort. They’re neutrals too (silver and gold), yet they bring that flashy look.

And do you know what makes it even better? Wearing a popping color with it.

It could be anything, an accessory even. But that hint of bright shade combined with a metallic could end up being one of the most fabulous outfits in history.

Prints and patterns? Why not?

Who asked you to restrict yourself to an outfit which has just one particular print?

Mixing and matching patterns can be a complicated task, but getting ready to feel like a fashion blogger every day once you get familiar with it.

For example, a bright pink leopard printed top can be paired with a leopard printed skirt. That will be a bold choice indeed.

Choose colors that suit your skin and hair

Talking about the cliché here; a bright orange outfit with ginger hair? No way.

Yes, we’re going for a bold outfit here. But it should never clash with your hair or skin.

For instance, when talking about our redheads, some colors that would look amazing on them are green (whether it is teal or emerald, green is your power color), purple, navy blue, and cobalt blue, and white.

It is not only your hair which you have to consider. Skin tone can also help you decide what hues of bold colors would look fantastic on you.

A bold shoe is what you might need

Forget about clothes for now. Let us talk about shoes.

Shoes can really make heads turn. We’re talking about heels here. The click-clack of your heels can distract anyone. So, why not give them a gleaming distraction?

The most boring outfit of yours can be transformed. All you need are shoes that are bold and bright to jazz it up a little.

Red heels or bright pink shoes are just two examples of such shoes which have the ability to turn around your whole look.

Think about a bright handbag for once

Yes, we know that a black or brown handbag might go along with possibly any outfit. So, why waste money on a handbag, which is a vibrant shade of blue?

If that’s what you think, you need to get out of this safe shell around you because these bags are just as versatile.

Just like the bold shoe, a bright handbag can do wonders. However, make sure the shade you choose meshes well with the rest of your outfit.

Jewelry and other accessories

To stand out and make yourself known in a crowd, match a pair of bright jewelry with a neutral color.

If you’re wearing an all-black ensemble, then you can wear many different colored earrings with it.

This inspiration came from Oh so Gorgeous – Angelina Jolie’s look at the Oscars. Emerald green earrings with black? We have one word for it. Perfection.

Apart from jewelry, bright-colored accessories are relatively cheap. And yes, it is always fun to try them out. So, why not do it?

Final thoughts

You only get one life. Are you really going to waste it on dullcolors because you’re terrified of trying something new?

Nuh-uh. That’s not how it will be.

Since you know now about the tips and tricks of carrying bold and vibrant shades like a true Diva, it would be a waste of knowledge if you don’t put it to use, right?

Exactly. You just need a bout of confidence to get you started. After that, you’ll want to wear such outfits yourself

So, without any further ado, try out some bold and vibrant shades looks, and make millions envy you. You will surely rock them all and make all the heads turn your way.

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