Top 7 Jobs you can get with Arabic?

Jobs you can get with Arabic

The Top Job Opportunities for People Speaking Arabic

There are about 400 million Arabic speakers in the world. This makes it one of the most used languages globally. No wonder professionals with knowledge of Arabic are highly-valued in many industries.

Whether you already have a good command of it or are interested in learning Arabic, you’ll be pleased to know that great career opportunities are waiting. One can do Arabic translation work, find a job in an international corporation, or work in tourism. Thanks to the expertise provided by Jooble experts, we’ve managed to narrow the best job options for multilingual specialists.

Top 7 Jobs You Can Get with Arabic

1. Translation

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about multilingualism is translation. And for a good reason. Skilled translators and interpreters are always in demand.

Translators work with texts, and interpreters do live translation. Great specialists usually select and focus on one specific niche – for instance, healthcare, legislation, engineering, or literary translation. Interpreters work in any situation when two parties are involved, whether it is a conference, meeting, or international event.

In any case, there are plenty of job offers. One can work individually or for an agency.

2. Government

Arabic is the 7th spoken language in the US besides English. It is also quite widespread in other countries. As a result, Arabic experts are needed in governmental agencies, particularly in the national security sector.

To get a career in governmental bodies, one will usually need a degree in Arabic studies. But there are many job opportunities, such as relationship specialist, development officer, intelligence analyst, or foreign service officer.

 3. Immigration and Customs

Another great opportunity is working as a customs inspector. Of course, knowledge of the language is not the only requirement here. But it is a huge advantage when working with people entering borders from other countries.

Immigration or custom services need bilingual experts to work with native Arabic speakers. Usually, such a job doesn’t require a college degree; however, an associate one will be a plus.

4. Education

Of course, this list cannot be complete without mentioning careers in education. If you enjoy working with adults and/or children, this one might be a great option.

If you want to work at school or college, you’ll need a proper degree. Because it also includes knowing teaching methods and practices. But if you’re going to work as a private tutor, the requirements are usually not as strict. And you’ll get to enjoy a flexible schedule.

5. Tourism and Hospitality

Those who’d like to combine a passion for travel with their Arabic skills might look into this industry. One can work as a tour guide in other countries or locally. It is also possible to become a travel agent to help others plan their trips perfectly. If you love adventures, you might consider a flight attendant career.

Hospitality is also always open to multilingual specialists as many tourists and travelers prefer communication in their native language.

6. International Sales

Here the options are quite varied. Many companies look to open new markets or partner with providers from other countries.

So an Arabic expert can work as:

  1. Sales representative;
  2. Customer service professional;
  3. Import specialist;
  4. HR or recruiter;
  5. Product localization manager;
  6. Filed researcher, etc.

7. Journalism

Bilingual journalists are also valued globally. They can work as foreign correspondents and travel the world searching for a good story. You’ll get to investigate, report, and communicate with locals. This job requires excellent written and verbal communication skills and determination and understanding of the cultural context of a specific location.

In Summary

Knowledge of Arabic is a huge advantage for almost any type of employment. It is needed anywhere where international cooperation is involved. So, if it is something you’ve been thinking about, look into these top opportunities.

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