Maximizing Efficiency With Digital Residential Parking Permits

Maximizing Efficiency With Digital Residential Parking Permits

Residential parking zones are being implemented in congested neighborhoods to help residents find spaces closer to their homes. These new digital permits use the vehicle license plate to verify access instead of printed hang tags or placards.

The right digital parking solution can significantly affect customer experience and operational efficiencies. Read on to learn more about how.

Streamlined Permit Management

Regarding parking permit management, traditional methods can become cumbersome for residents and parking operators. Physical permits are usually distributed as hang tags that are visibly displayed on the front of vehicles, which makes them difficult to keep track of over time. Managing tickets through an app can offer many advantages, including streamlined customer experience and easier administrative back-office operations.

Citizens can quickly request guest and temporary permits on demand using a digital permit system. With a simple and intuitive self-service portal, they can provide their address, vehicle information, license registration, and proof of residency and pay for the permit they want. They can also choose a duration that adheres to your business rules, whether for one day or multiple days/weeks.

As a result, parking operators can be more responsive and easily oversee waitlists, approvals, and renewals. This allows them to manage overflow parking more fairly and effectively while maximizing ancillary revenue.

Additionally, digital residential parking permits such as gtechna can help improve office employee satisfaction. When staff members have to spend a lot of time driving around looking for parking, it can be disruptive and affect their productivity. However, with a mobile parking app, they can get the permit they need without leaving their car and easily access their tickets and other relevant information.

Real-Time Access to Permit Holders

Permits are significant in managing parking operations, from residential and staff to on-street and curbside spaces. Issuing and managing receipts regularly can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. But with a cloud-based permit management system, operators can easily customize and manage tickets based on duration, location, and frequency — all through a single centralized platform.

When it comes to managing resident parking on campus, student life can be very hectic. Students juggle classes, social activities, and other commitments that often need more time for extra tasks like renewing their parking permits or updating their vehicles. But with a digital permit management system, the process is easy and hassle-free for students and the administration.

With a digital permit, it’s simple to transfer parking hours from your account to another vehicle or update the key when you change your car, get a new license plate number, or sell or junk your vehicle. It also eliminates the need to request and pay for replacement booklets that go astray in the mail or become obscured or damaged.

Policies are designed to improve parking on traffic-dense neighborhood streets by limiting parking to residents only. When parking enforcement patrols the area, they can quickly check a car’s license plate using an LPR camera to ensure the vehicle is registered to the permit zone address.

Reduced Paperwork

With a cloud-based permit management system, parking operators can quickly identify authorized and unauthorized visitors in real time by scanning a vehicle’s license plate. This allows them to decide where and when the parker can park in a matter of seconds.

Eliminating the need for physical hang tags and stickers also saves time for the office staff. The never-ending task of keeping track of vehicles, recording updates, and generating new hang tags is replaced with an easy-to-use mobile application that can be utilized at all times of the day. This means residents and guests can get permits 24/7 without entering the office.

Parking offices can also optimize their operations with the back-office portal of a digital permit solution that offers an intuitive dashboard to configure permit types, zones, rates, and frequency—daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly—according to business needs. Creating this centralized hub for parking permits enables clerks to spend less time managing stacks of paper and more time delivering excellent customer service.

A paperless parking permit system is a win-win for everyone involved, from residents and guests to the environment. And it’s one more reason communities are increasingly choosing to go paperless. Contact us today to learn how a digital parking permit can benefit your residential or commercial neighborhood.

Increased Compliance

Residents can now purchase, activate, and manage their virtual visitor parking permits online. Visitor permits can be purchased from any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone and instantly activated once purchased, eliminating the need to visit the office to buy and display physical visitor permits in a vehicle.

A digital permit management system lets your staff quickly identify authorized and unauthorized vehicles in real time using an LPR camera and smartphone app. This technology provides a hassle-free and straightforward experience for you and your customers. In addition, it prevents the loss of physical permits or the forgery of false documents that could otherwise lead to penalties.

Parking operations that need to be equipped with this type of technology lose money over time. This money is not lost because of small compliance loopholes but from the extra manual work and lack of visibility resulting from outdated systems.

Permit digitizes the end-to-end permit generation, distribution, and management process. Our solution is a cost-effective way to maximize efficiency and improve customer service. Contact them today to learn more about the many benefits of a digital residential permit system. They would happily answer your questions and help you get started with this advanced technology. Their team is passionate about helping you get the most out of your parking operations.

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