Questions To Ask Potential Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Potential Drug Rehabilitation Centers

When your loved one is ready to take the first steps toward sobriety, you probably want to find the best facility and treatment plan you can find. After you get recommendations, do online research, check reviews, and talk to your insurance company, it’s time to interview the clinics. These are questions you should ask.

What Certifications and Licensing Do You Have?

As you review your list of drug rehab in Murfreesboro, TN, start by asking each clinic about their licensing, certifications, and accreditation. You should also find out about the experience, certifications, and experience of the staff in addition to the variety of staff. Most clinics should have professionals who can help you with mental, physical, and spiritual health.

What Is Your Treatment Philosophy?

Your loved one has specific needs and you both likely have specific expectations. You need a rehabilitation facility that can give you what you need and fulfill your expectations. A big part of this is their approach to treatment. Do they offer well-established programs, such as the 12-step plan, or have they implemented new scientific methods and research-based models?

Ask how each clinic defines success and how they develop their treatment programs. Then, see if their philosophy aligns with your own.

What Is the Length of Your Treatment Program?

Some clinics have programs that last a specific period of time, while others let progress determine the length. However, each person needs different treatment options and has different challenges in the rehabilitation process. Your loved one may need more extensive counseling to overcome emotional challenges. He or she may also need more time to learn coping mechanisms and life skills.

In addition, the detox process varies from one person to another. Although most facilities adopt a 90-day plan, many rehabilitation professionals believe that treatment should last for at least 90 days. However, post-treatment options should also be available.

Is the Facility Safe?

Your loved one needs to feel safe in the rehabilitation environment. The clinicians need to see him or her as more than just a person with a substance abuse problem who needs treatment. These professionals need to make him or her feel comfortable sharing deep wounds. Your loved one shouldn’t feel embarrassed, ashamed, or otherwise down about the journey.

In addition, the clinic should be free of external influences that could cause progress delays or relapses. The environment should be positive and have a community atmosphere that encourages productive lifestyles and healing.

Does the Staff Teach Coping Mechanisms and Sober Living Skills?

When your loved one comes out of rehab, he needs to have skills that can help him leave old lifestyles, friends, and environments behind. Therefore, clinics should help her identify her triggers or social pressures and find ways to overcome them. The clinicians should also show him how to find new activities and make new friends. Problem-solving and maintaining a positive attitude should be the main focus of the program.

You will likely have many more questions than these, and you should. Your loved one deserves the best treatment and support available, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you have. Gain the assurances you need that the program will meet your needs and expectations.

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