Reasons Why Women Wear Bangles

Reasons Why Women Wear Bangles

Bangles are an important part of Indian women’s jewelry. They have many different meanings and are often considered auspicious for married women. The wrist portion of the body is in constant activation mode and is where pulse beats are checked when one is unwell. Bangles are in constant friction with the skin and increase blood circulation. The jingle of bangles also helps keep negative energies away from the household.

They are a Symbol of Identity

In ancient India, bangles were worn by women and are still a major symbol of Indian culture. They were made of gold, glass, wood, and other materials. They were also made to match a woman’s outfit; many had unique designs or patterns. Inscriptions, gemstones, and other decorations added to the bangle’s appeal and function. Stacking a few of these bracelets can create a textured look that is fashionable and elegant. It is believed that wearing bangles enhances a woman’s beauty and aura. They are also a symbol of love and femininity. These adornments were first discovered by archaeologists in the Mohenjo-Daro settlement and date back as far as 2600 BC. The bangle’s constant friction increases blood circulation and sends energy to the body. It is also said that the sound of bangles tinkling with each other keeps negative vibes and unwanted energy away from households.

Women’s bangles were a form of identification in the past, and no two women had the same set. They were also a status symbol for married women, and the number of bangles worn indicated a wife’s social standing. Today, bangles for women are widely worn as a fashion statement, and they’re often sold with matching sets for brides-to-be. Women are advised to wear a combination of bangles for maximum benefits, especially after the seventh month of pregnancy. It is because, during this time, the baby’s brain cells start to develop and recognize sounds. The jingle of the bangles will help stimulate these brain cells and reduce stress for the mother. It is recommended that women wear a minimum of eight bangles on each hand and 12 for married women.

They are a Symbol of Love

Bangles are a symbol of love for many women. Married and unmarried women wear them as a part of traditional and cultural beliefs. In addition, they are also a sign of purity and respect for a husband. Many women wear bangles made of gold, which are considered very auspicious. It was once believed that women who did not wear bangles would attract negative energies, which could affect their husbands and children. They were therefore compelled to wear them at all times. It was especially true during pregnancy and childbirth. Women are also encouraged to wear bangles for good health, as they believe that the ring-like structure of the bangles helps improve blood circulation and transmits energy throughout the body. Bangles can also be used as a medicine for the skin. The bangles create friction on the wrist portion of the arm, which increases the blood circulation rate. This increased blood circulation helps in reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

They are a Symbol of Wealth

Bangles are traditional ornaments for women. They are rigid bracelets made from metal, glass, or plastic. They are widely worn in India and other South Asian nations, including Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. They are also a common accessory for Hindu brides. The word “bangle” is derived from the Sanskrit syllable banger, which means ornament that adorns the arm. They have been used long and are considered a sign of wealth. They are believed to protect a woman from evil spirits and ensure her well-being after marriage. It is a tradition for married women to wear bangles to symbolize their love and commitment to their husbands. They also help to protect the family from negativity. Bangles are available in different colors, each representing a specific quality. For example, red bangles symbolize energy and fertility, while green bangles symbolize luck and prosperity. While bangles are usually worn with formal outfits, they can be easily paired with casual looks. Pair a simple, thin-banded bangle with jeans and a plain tee for a stylish look that will work any day. For a more minimalist look, try stacking two or three thin bangles together for a refined and sophisticated style. Bangles also act as wrist weights, improving a woman’s posture. They also boost a woman’s self-esteem and make her feel confident.

They are a Symbol of Protection

Bangles are a popular jewelry item among women and are worn with utmost care. These bracelets are made of glass, wood, metal, and plastic. They are usually engraved with names, dates, and meaningful messages. They are also available in various shapes, colors, and designs. Some of them even contain gemstones. The bangles protect women from negative energies and keep them safe. They have a positive effect on the female body as well as their spirits and are known to boost confidence and self-esteem. Traditionally, it was considered inauspicious for married Indian women to wear no bangles or to remove them. Bangles are integral to a woman’s wedding ensemble and signify matrimony like a ring does for Western brides. Punjabi brides, for instance, wear ivory and red carved bangles called “chuda” on their wedding day. If a woman’s husband dies, she will break her bangles as an expression of grief. Some people wear bangles to ward off evil eyes and other negative energy from their homes and workplaces. Others wear a particular set of bangles to symbolize their age and marital status. Some even mix and match bangles to create a unique identifying set. Glass bangles are also believed to represent the well-being of one’s husband and son.

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