The Role of AI in Road Accident Prevention

The Role of AI in Road Accident Prevention

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionize not only the way we drive but also our safety on the roads, helping to ensure we reach our destination safely with minimal risk. In this article, we’re taking a look at the role of AI in preventing road accidents and how it can be improved further.

The Role of AI in Making Driving Safer

Figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that in 2022 alone, more than 42,000 people lost their lives on America’s roads, with the US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg calling the situation “a national crisis”.

This makes road safety a key concern not just for the Federal Highway Administration but for local government, car manufacturers, automotive engineers and drivers.

AI is one of the steps being taken to transform the automotive industry and make driving safer for all road users by integrating intelligent systems into vehicles.

AI technology in cars is designed to improve the driving experience and road safety. One example of this is self-driving cars, which sound too futuristic to be true but have already been shown to reduce the likelihood of human error through the use of radar sensors, cameras and software algorithms that are able to rapidly process vast amounts of data to keep road users safe.

Even in non-self-driving cars, AI can improve safety through features such as adaptive cruise control, automatic braking and lane departure warnings. These systems can automatically take over from a driver in the event of a potential hazard or collision.

AI Making Roads Safer

One of the most significant ways AI makes roads safer is through collision prevention systems.

AI systems are programmed to predict potential collisions and take action to prevent them in the moment. By quickly analyzing data from in-vehicle cameras and sensors, these AI-powered systems can detect pedestrians or obstacles in the road and alert the driver or automatically apply the brakes.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t just being used in vehicles either. AI systems can also help with traffic management and flow to decrease congestion, which can, in turn, reduce the likelihood of collisions. AI algorithms can process real-time data collected from cameras and GPS devices to divert traffic away from busy routes.

How AI Can Be Improved to Make Driving Safer

AI is already showing great promise in its role in road accident prevention. However, there are clear limitations, and its use raises questions about over-reliance on technology over human judgment.

Unreliable AI may be even more dangerous than not using AI; for example, if AI systems are over-zealous and consistently alert drivers to hazards that don’t exist, drivers are more likely to switch off systems or ignore them physically.

As with all new technology, it’s important to recognise the contribution AI can make to road safety while taking care to address concerns over its use and capabilities.

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