5 Tips for Using a Nike Shoe Cleaner

5 Tips for Using a Nike Shoe Cleaner

It’s the most recognizable checkmark in the world: Nike.

This mid-range brand heavyweight made a whopping $12 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021 alone. These are shoes for every occasion. They look good, they’re reliable, and they catch the eye from across the room.

Except, Nike has one fatal flaw: their shoes are white. And if there’s one thing we know about the color white, it loves to get dirty.

You need a Nike shoe cleaner. In this article, we’ll discuss the 5 tips when it comes to cleaning your Nike sneakers.

How to Clean Shoes: Why Clean Your Nike Shoes on the Regular?

Sure, shoes get stinky. But with a bit of deodorizer or baby powder, you’re good to go. Why even bother purchasing cleaner and going through the hassle of scrubbing them down when you can toss them in the washer?

Firstly, you want to clean sooner than later. Leave some mud or filthy rainwater to soak, and that could lead to a stain. Your expensive Nike Air Huarache Womens could start looking less like $200 trainers and more like rags.

Secondly, dirt and grime prevent your shoes from lasting long. Your shoe material needs to stay clean and dry. Dirty, wet conditions wear down the material and could lead to rot.

Finally, impressions matter. Clean shoes convey confidence, professionalism, and good hygiene–all things people like to see. Keeping your Nike shoes clean could make a profound impact on your social life.

With all that said, let’s look at the top 5 tips when it comes to shoe cleaning.

Uses Of Nike Shoe Cleaner

1. Remove as Much as You Can With a Dry Brush

You’ve just spent a long day out on the field. Your Nikes are nice and dusty. But before you throw them under the spigot, they could use some elbow grease.

Attacking your shoes with a dry brush ensures that none of that grime converts to a stain. More dirt in the fibers means more mud you have to clean out when it gets wet. And with grease and oil stains, you’ll only make things worse.

Don’t have a brush? Find an old, clean toothbrush. That’s better at the end of the day since it allows you to get into those cracks and crevices.

Aim for soft-bristle brushes. These are gentle on all types of material. Use something too stiff, and your shoes could begin to fray.

2. Soak, Soak, Soak

Soak is the law. Soak in the way. Soaking your shoes well before going on the attack gives the fabric time to swell up and release all the dust it’s holding.

Leave your shoes to soak for at least 15 minutes. Add some shoe cleaner to the water to start breaking up oils and grease. And since we’re talking about white, go for the hottest water that you can comfortably tolerate.

If you have a washing machine, you can wash shoes in a gentle spin cycle. Remove the laces beforehand, or that could create a headache when untangling them later on.

3. Separate the Pieces of the Shoe

Your shoe comes in three main parts: the shoe body, the insoles, and the laces. Separate these pieces from each other. Give them all some love, individually.

Laces are sensitive, so handwash these. Be careful not to overstretch them or fray the fabric. Apply a light amount of solution and make sure to get it all out before leaving them to dry.

Insoles should get a healthy amount of cleaner to remove the stink. Don’t put them in the dryer, as they could shrink. Set them on a drying rack and point a fan at them to get all the water out.

4. Apply Nike Shoe Cleaner to Problem Areas

There are a handful of areas on your shoe that will need more love than others. The toe, the soles, and the tongue of the shoe.

Apply some cleaner to the tip of your toothbrush. Get it wet with a flick of water. Scrub the problem areas gently with circular motions to root out all the gunk.

Spend some time on your soles. Don’t let dirt and mud accumulate in the tread pattern. This saves you from arduous future cleaning jobs and makes your shoes look great.

Make sure to wash out these areas well. Leaving cleaner or detergent will result in crusty, off-color patches. These will require further cleaning and could damage the material if left to set.

5. Dry and Store Your Shoes

Lesson for the wise: do not use the dryer to dry your shoes! The heat could warp the material and cause it to change shape. The shoelaces are delicate, and your Nike sneakers might come out of the wash looking like a spider’s web.

Let your shoe air dry, but not under the sun–unless you want them to look a nauseous yellow color. Let them fully dry before wearing them again.

Storing your shoes properly is important. Avoid putting your shoes in a place where they won’t get good airflow. Try porous bags and mesh hampers so your shoes can breathe while in storage.

Consider shoe horns, and store the laces inside the shoe. Make it a habit of dusting them off after wear with a soft-bristle brush. Going the extra mile to do these small things means your shoes will last much longer–and look great in the process.

Know How to Clean Shoes

Nike shoes are the cream of the crop. As such, they need some special attention. Make it a habit to do a deep clean with Nike shoe cleaner to keep your Nike sneakers in pristine shape.

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