The Top 3 New Purse Trends of [May 2023]

New Purse Trends

Good news- the micro purse trend is dead. Gone. Relegated to the 2019 archives. What good is a purse if you can’t even fit your smartphone, wallet, or car keys? Personally, I am glad we’ve moved on – the new purse trends for 2020 are exciting, retro, and, thankfully- oversized! In this blog, you will know The Top 3 New Purse Trends of 2020.

Here are the latest trends for handbags over the next year. Although fashion comes and goes, these looks are showing up everywhere, from the runways of the top fashion houses to budget-friendly shops and websites. 

Read more to start the new decade with style!

New Purse Trends? Bigger is Better

We saw oversized bags in the latest collections from designers such as Longchamp, Opening Ceremony, and Sies Marjan.

Practicality is key at the moment, and I love that giant tote bags and satchels give us all the room we need for carrying the daily essentials, plus more. Oversized totes are both utilitarian and stylish, making them an easy trend to try out this year. 

Large bags are popping up in a range of styles, including puffy, quilted fabrics or canvas, soft leather, and unique finishing touches such as bamboo-style handles. This style suits almost everyone, from busy moms, professionals on the go with laptops and paperwork, and those needing bag space for carrying gym clothes or a few groceries home.

’90s Are Back 

Everything old is new again, so it’s refreshing to see 1990’s fashion make a comeback. Styles such as the classic Fendi bags are timeless and prove that some handbag trends will always last. 

Over the shoulder styles, which were on-trend in the ’90s, are showing up on the runways and in magazines again. They are an elegant, easy to wear look that transitions well from daytime into night. 

Look for ’90s styles in both structured canvas and classic leather. 

Think Slouchy Hobo Bags

What’s a hobo bag? You’ve probably seen this style everywhere without realizing it- hobo bags are half-moon shaped purses, with a soft strap to drape over your shoulder. They are slouchy, comfortable to wear, and large enough to hold all of your essentials, plus some. 

The hobo bag is predicted to be one of the trendiest handbag styles for the year, thanks to its convenience, comfort, and unique shape. It’s easy to throw over your shoulder and get on with your day, thanks to its soft and comfortable design. 

Look for the hobo bag in a lot of varieties, whether you want a bag that will hold its shape when put down or something softer. You’ll find options in leather, fabric, and in a range of sizes.

2020 Handbag Trends

There you have it – some of the best new purse trends to look for in 2020. One of the best things about these styles is that they can be found in many designs and looks, so it’s easy to find one that you can incorporate into your day to day style.

Which handbag trend are you most looking forward to trying out this year?

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