Top Student Housing Options in Rochester, NY

Top Student Housing Options in Rochester, NY

The historic city of Rochester, NY, and its environs are home to several universities and colleges, including the University of Rochester, the Rochester Institute of Technology, Nazareth University, and St. John Fisher University. Fortunately, students attending the schools in the area have numerous housing options. Here is a look at the types of student housing available.

On-Campus Housing

Many students choose on-campus housing in residence halls and dorms. A mix of room and suite types should be available depending on the school and the student’s year.

The advantages of on-campus housing include proximity to classrooms, campus facilities, and resources. On-campus housing can also be simpler to arrange especially given the scheduling peculiarities of the academic year. A potential disadvantage of on-campus housing is cost. In some cases, it may cost more than living off-campus.

Off-Campus Apartments and Houses

Another popular option for students is to rent an apartment or house or join several others in a rental arrangement. Pros of off-campus housing include more privacy and independence, which can be particularly useful for older students and upperclassmen.

Some housing options can be incredibly close to campus, and off-campus housing comes in many sizes and configurations. They can have a lot of character. For example, Angelo Ingrassia from Rochester NY, is a developer who may purchase the historic Sibley Triangle Building downtown and convert it to student housing. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and dates to 1897. Not every student can say they lived in this type of accommodation!

Sometimes, a student’s family buys a condo or house for the student (and perhaps a roommate or several) to live in while the student is at school. After the student graduates, the family could sell the place, hopefully for a profit, or keep it as a rental property or for another child or relative to use.

Shared Housing or Room Rentals

These are variations on off-campus housing. The main difference is that in shared housing or room rentals, the student specifically seeks out ads or posts from people trying to fill an empty room. The student doesn’t go find an entire apartment and try to fill it with friends.

Sharing a house or renting a room is cost-effective and a great way to split expenses among roommates. Of course, it’s critical to discuss expectations in advance and avoid making assumptions. All agreements should be clear and in writing, both for the landlord’s and student’s benefit.

Students in Rochester can use housing resources specific to their university to find rooms. For example, the University of Rochester partners with to make it easier for students, faculty, and staff members to find off-campus housing. Craigslist and social media groups can be helpful, too.

When students and their families consider housing options, important factors should include location to campus, safety, budget, and lease terms. Starting a housing search early can ensure students get the type of living arrangement they need.

Rochester is a vibrant city offering cultural diversity, art, academics, innovation, history, and much more to its many college students. On-campus and off-campus housing come in different types to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

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