Vintage and Antique Necklace Styles to Know

Vintage and Antique Necklace Styles to Know

Thrifting and vintage style is through the roof in popularity today. With thrifty states like New York, Oregon, and California drawing in fashion-oriented people from all over, it makes sense to stock up on some amazing pieces.

Don’t just stop with clothing – a vintage necklace or other piece of jewelry can provide the icing on the cake.

These tips will help you explore some antique necklace styles that you will love and appreciate.

Necklace Styles From Other Civilizations

If you’re trying to stock up on some vintage necklaces, don’t be afraid to go back in time further than you normally would. Nordic cultures are rich with history and heritage, and the style matches them. You can look into Viking-style jewelry if you love the warrior ethos and want to wear it proudly.

These necklaces come with charms like axes, shields, bones, Viking helmets, and other symbols that express the culture. You can click here for Viking necklaces when you’re trying to pay homage to a previous civilization.

There are many different types of necklaces that you can look into if you appreciate African culture. Look into styles from the Nubians, Kushites, ancient Egyptians, and other African civilizations that wore their jewelry proudly.

Chain and Locket Necklaces

There are also plenty of old necklaces that you can look into that can hold significant sentimental value. Chain and locket necklaces are one of the best ways to accomplish this.

They typically come with a simple, thin necklace made from gold or silver, along with a locket that can hold a picture, symbol, or other icons that means something to you. This is a timeless type of jewelry that you can wear with any outfit.

Collar Style Necklaces

If you’re looking into amazing vintage jewelry, the collar necklace is an excellent option. The collar-style necklace covers a larger portion of your neck and sometimes goes all the way around.

Whether you’re looking into a nice choker, bib necklace, or a collier option, you can wear these necklaces for formal occasions and any situation in which you want to style it up a little bit.

The Bayadère Necklace

Finally, you also can’t go wrong with the Bayadère necklace style. This is a type of necklace that features thick braided metal, beads, pearls, or other materials. These necklaces are typically heavier and date back to the 18th century.

The Bayadère necklace historically has served as a gift that men gave the bridesmaids prior to the wedding.

Antique Necklace Styles

These tips are helpful when you’re trying to invest in an antique necklace that will be stylish and valuable. Consider your style and fashion sense anytime you are in the market for some new jewelry so that you are able to stock up on some pieces that you will love and appreciate.

No matter what you like, you can never go wrong with vintage and antique styles. Rely on us when you need information that will help you upgrade your style one decision at a time.

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