What Makes a Good Infographic? 3 Things to Know

What Makes a Good Infographic? 3 Things to Know

You’re working hard on your digital marketing strategy and are proud of your infographic. You know it’s one-of-a-kind and will engage your audience.

Infographics have been in fashion for quite some time, thanks to their ability to tell stories and convey complex data in easily digestible visuals. But what makes a good infographic?

Here are three things to know about creating an infographic.

1. Clear and Concise Communication

The world today is a very visual-driven place and this can be seen in the growing usage of infographics. A good infographic is composed of visually appealing imagery, clear and concise communication, and reliable data to support its claims.

Clear and concise communication in infographics helps to keep the readers focused on the most important information in the infographic. This can be done by providing only the most relevant facts and figures and eliminating unnecessary text or lengthy descriptions.

Providing a narrative to each infographic can also be beneficial in creating a memorable experience for the reader. When you make an infographic, combine it with visual imagery to break up the walls of text. It helps you learn how-to-make infographics in no time.

2. Visual Appeal and Design

A great infographic needs to have strong visual appeal and design. It should have clean lines and be easy to understand. Colors should be complementary to each other and easy to digest. Fonts should be easy to read and consistent across the entire infographic.

Using proper spacing and adding whitespace can also help to make the design easier to understand. Keep in mind the overall theme of the infographic and any message you want to convey. Making sure the data and the text are integrated into an overall compelling visual design can elevate an infographic from great to extraordinary.

3. Storytelling and Narrative Flow

A good infographic is much more than just facts and figures. It should engage and inform readers by telling a story in a visual narrative flow. Three key things to achieve this are:


An infographic should be easy to follow and comprehend. Through the use of colors, shapes, and other visual elements, the story should be told in a logical, unified way.


To create a compelling infographic, it is vital to make sure that the content is relevant and current. The data used should be accurate and well-researched.

Content Interactivity

The use of interactivity is a great way to engage the audience and draw them into your narrative. Simple elements such as hyperlinks, allow readers to explore related topics.

Learn What Makes a Good Infographic Today

Learning what makes a good infographic is important to know. An effective infographic must utilize visuals, succinct copy, and a simple narrative. The infographic must be properly designed and optimized for multiple platforms and formats.

If you decide to create an infographic, follow this guide for success. Try designing your own and start telling your story in an easy to comprehend graphic today.

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