What Makes Earrings Irritate Ears?

What Makes Earrings Irritate Ears?

Whether you’re a jewelry collector or a novice, you probably pay a lot of attention to the earrings you wear. You want to make sure that you’re buying and wearing pieces that you’ll love.

But, you might be wondering: do some earrings irritate ears?

It can be a key question to ask prior to making a large jewelry purchase. Or if you’re simply wondering why one pair of earrings is making your ear red or itch.

Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the reasons why earrings irritate ears.

Let’s dive in!


Earrings can be a great fashion accessory, but unfortunately, they can also cause irritation to people who have allergies. Metal allergies are common. They can cause contact dermatitis when the metal irritates the skin.

Metal earrings can be especially bothersome as the metal comes in direct contact with the sensitive skin inside the ear. This is an unpleasant skin reaction that can be red and raised. It can be accompanied by itching and discomfort.

People with nickel or other metal allergies should only wear hypo-allergenic earrings. They can also wear stainless steel earrings. For those with mild reactions, wearing earrings for short periods can also help reduce irritation.

Improper Sizing

Improper sizing of earrings can be a source of great irritation for the person wearing them. When an earring is too big for the ear, the extra material that hangs down can rub against the person’s skin. It can cause discomfort as it moves around in the ear canal.

The extra weight of an oversized earring can put too much pressure on the delicate skin in the ear. It can result in redness, soreness, infection, and even permanent earlobe damage.

If earrings are too small, they can pull on the skin of the ear, causing pain and tearing. The earring may rub against the inside of the ear. So it can give the person an incessant, uncomfortable feeling.

Unclean Earrings

Unclean earrings contain bacteria, oils, or dirt which can irritate the pierced area or be an allergen. Unclean earrings can cause itchy, dry, swollen, and even bumpy ears.

If you have pierced ears, unclean earrings can introduce bacteria to the piercing site. This can lead to infection.

To prevent irritation and infection, keep your earrings clean and handle them with care. Make sure to also switch your earrings regularly and remove them at night. Taking these precautions ensures that you can enjoy your earrings without discomfort.

Earrings Irritate Ears if You’re Not Careful

Earrings can be a great addition to any outfit! However, it’s important to be aware that certain earrings irritate ears, and an allergic reaction can be even worse.

If your ears become itchy, red or swollen, discontinue use immediately. Be sure to consult a doctor if any of these symptoms persist. Finding the right pair of earrings is possible–head to the store today to find yours!

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