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Will a Breast Lift Incision Scar?

Will a Breast Lift Incision Scar

Are you considering getting a breast lift?

This is an excellent choice. You’ll experience not only confidence and a boost in self-esteem but also improved posture and a snugger bra fit. If you’re worried about the incisions, you’ll have on your newly lifted breasts, you’re not alone.

This can certainly be a factor in your decision to have the surgery. But it shouldn’t keep you from making this choice.

Here’s what you need to know about the scars from a breast lift incision.

Scar Depends on the Type of Surgical Technique

The amount and type of scarring will depend on the type of surgical technique used, as well as the individual’s response to the procedure. Here are some of the most popular breast lift surgical techniques.

Anchor Lift

Anchor lift surgery involves cutting the breast area to remove excess skin, reshape the breast, lift the areola, and reposition the nipple.

This all comes at the cost of an incision scar, as the anchor-shaped incision for the lift will be visible for some time afterward. However, breast lift scarring tends to fade over time and is usually well-hidden in the natural contours of the breast and generally unnoticeable.

Lollipop Lift

The lollipop lift, also known as a vertical breast lift, is a type of breast lift used to reduce sagging in the breasts and improve the overall shape of the breasts.

During the lollipop lift, it will make two incisions. The first incision is around the areola along its outer margins, forming the lollipop shape.

The second incision is along the crease underneath the breast. Although the lollipop lift does rely on two incisions, the incisions tend to be smaller and less visible than those from other breast lift options.

Donut Lift

A donut lift is a popular method of breast lift surgery primarily because it is minimally invasive and easy to perform. This procedure, involving a single incision around the areola, is used to reposition and contour the breast tissue by removing the excess and tightening the skin surrounding the nipple area.

While a donut lift is considered to be lower risk and less invasive, patients should still expect some scarring.

Minimize Breast Lift Scars With an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

A breast lift incision scar is an unavoidable part of any breast lift procedure. However, with the help of a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon, incision scarring can be minimized.

There are various techniques and materials that a surgeon may deploy when performing a breast lift to ensure that incision sites are safe, precise, and inconspicuous. You may check out the breast lift by Dr. Shafa for more details.

How to Reduce the Appearance of Scar

A breast lift scar is typically going to occur during a breast lift surgical procedure, regardless of what methods are used to reduce their appearance.

Be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions for wound care, such as cleaning the incision area and changing the bandages regularly. Applying silicon gel can also help to reduce the appearance and visibility of the scar.

Consider Breast Lift Incision Today

A breast lift incision can be a great way to enhance the contour of your breasts and take years off of your appearance. An experienced plastic Surgery can ensure that a scar can be small and not overly visible.

And also choosing the best types of incisions and with proper care and attention, you can get rid of scars from your breast lift procedure.

For more information, be sure to check out the rest of our blog.

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