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4 Best Seating Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Seating Ideas for Small Living Rooms

More people are buying small homes today than ever before. While retirees have typically sought to downsize, now younger generations looking to save money and be energy efficient are in on the trend.

While there are many benefits to buying small, furnishing small spaces can be challenging.

Maximize seating and style in your small living room

1. Anchor the Room With a Sectional Sofa

It may seem counterintuitive to place a sectional sofa in a small space. After all, don’t sectionals take up more space? Actually, they don’t. A sectional can provide the same amount of seating as two separate couches while taking up significantly less square footage. More seating in less space is exactly what you need in a small living room.

While sectional sofas are often floated in the center of a room in a larger space, in a small living room, it is best to position at least one side against a wall. You can also tuck the entire piece into a corner with both sides against the wall. Depending on the configuration of your living room, you can purchase either a left-facing or a right-facing sectional.

A sectional sofa will give you and a friend or family member more than enough room to stretch out and watch your favorite TV show or read a book. When guests come over, you have a single piece of furniture that can easily seat five or six people. And sectional sofas come in a wide array of fabrics and styles to suit any decor.

2. Create Versatility With a Multi-Purpose Ottoman

Buying a small home doesn’t mean giving up entertaining. For large gatherings, you need to balance the need for space with even more seating options. A great way to do this is to pair your right-facing sectional with a large ottoman that can serve many purposes.

For day-to-day needs, a large upholstered ottoman can serve as a coffee table or as a footrest. When company comes, it can be used for extra bench seating. You can also choose a storage ottoman to expand limited storage space. A classic leather ottoman will coordinate with your sofa and any room decor.

3. Pull Out the Floor Cushions

For casual gatherings and game nights, floor cushions are a great option for additional seating. You can choose from a variety of fabrics and colors and the cushions can be stored away in a closet or inside your storage ottoman when not in use.

4. Coordinate With Dining Room Furniture

Small homes and apartments typically have an open-concept design in which the living room and dining area share a single space. Another wonderful option to provide more living room seating for guests is to coordinate your dining furniture with your right-facing sectional. In this way, your dining chairs can easily be pulled into the living room space when more seating is needed while your overall design concept remains seamless.

Furnish Your Home With Quality Furniture

Living in a smaller space means you’ll have less furniture overall, so be sure that the pieces you choose stand out.

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