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Common Mistakes Men Make When Taking Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Common Mistakes Men Make When Taking Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The growing popularity of erectile dysfunction medications means there are more chances they will not be used correctly, leaving men who struggle to achieve an erection without the help they sought.

But the truth is that popular ED medications are often misunderstood by the very men who are trying to benefit from their medicinal qualities. The oral medications most commonly prescribed for erectile dysfunction consist of different chemical properties. That’s why it’s important to consult a physician when using these drugs.

The side effects are different, the way they interact with other medications is different, and the results can be different. It’s important to use the medication correctly. Make sure you discuss any medication your doctor prescribes to learn what the most common issues are that could affect their ability to produce an erection.

These are the most common misperceptions and problems men face with the oral ED medications

These aren’t magic pills

Some men who take oral ED medications are surprised that they do not instantly produce an erection or that they need sexual stimulation to produce one. These medications work with the body’s arousal system.

Oral ED medications do their job when a man becomes sexually excited. The brain sends a signal through the nerves to the penis, releasing a chemical into the muscle of the penis that sparks the production of another chemical. This is the chemical that ED meds support to produce an erection. Without sexual arousal, the body won’t produce this second chemical.

Dosage matters

It’s not unusual for patients to begin taking medications at the lowest effective dose to determine how the body responds. For some men, the minimum dosage of an oral medication to treat erectile dysfunction will not produce an erection. The problem is some men think the medication doesn’t work for them.

Instead, it could be that a higher dosage is needed. The amount of oral ED medication required depends on a number of factors. The dosage of most medications can be increased in consultation with a physician. However, a higher dose could result in greater side effects, and it could be harmful to some men. For men with certain health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol, your doctor may want to limit your dosage below the maximum allowed.

Before increasing the dose of any ED medication, make sure to consult with a physician to determine what is safe for your health.

Medications affect men differently

A common problem for men trying oral ED medications for the first time is they don’t experiment with them before the actual deed. It’s important to experiment with the drug to see how your body responds to it. You may need a higher dose. You may determine that you need a different medication.

Some drug manufacturers recommend trying the drug on several occasions without a partner to identify how it works for you. Make sure to follow all the recommendations from the manufacturer, such as taking it on an empty stomach and without alcohol. Determine how long it stays in your body when it is at its peak for you and how it feels when you take it.

If you need a higher dose, make sure to try that first at least two times alone before the main event with a partner. It’s important to be comfortable with its side effects and with how your body feels taking the drug.

Different oral ED medications work differently

It’s possible your doctor prescribed you an ED drug that will not work for you. If that’s the case, it doesn’t mean that all oral ED drugs will not help. Find out what other options you have. A different oral medication might work better for your condition.

The truth is each patient responds differently to different drugs. These oral ED medications, known as PDE5 inhibitors, can help increase blood flow to your penis using different chemical compositions. You could try all of them to see which one works best for you with the least side effects.

But don’t make the mistake of taking separate ED drugs at the same time. This can be dangerous and lead to serious complications, including an extended erection that could cause damage to the penis. Cialis and Viagra should not be taken together within the same 24-hour period. Medical professionals generally advise men to wait at least 36 hours after taking Cialis before taking Viagra.

Food and alcohol limit the drugs’ effectiveness

A night of romance often begins with a luxurious dinner, but that may not help your ED medication. Some of the medicines must not be taken on a full stomach, a mistake some men make when using Viagra and Levitra. The drugs perform best when waiting at least two hours after a meal to take them. That’s because the high fats in foods can reduce the effectiveness of the drugs.

While this is true for some ED medications, it is not the case with Cialis, which can be taken with food. Alcohol also can impact the effectiveness of oral ED medications. Do not consume or limit consumption right before taking the medication.

Onset of oral ED medications requires patience

Because the effects of erectile dysfunction drugs can take as long as three hours to appear, it’s important to wait the proper amount of time before expecting an erection firm enough for penetration. It’s not that the pills aren’t working. It’s just that some men aren’t waiting long enough for them to have a chance to work.

Some oral ED medications, like Viagra and Levitra, require at least an hour to take effect. At this point, the drugs reach their peak in the body. For Cialis, it can take between two and three hours to take effect. Patients must wait at least that long for the ED medications to do their job.

Become comfortable taking the drug and see how it reacts in your body to help produce the best erection.

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