9 Game-Changing Dog Accessories You Need Right Now

9 Game-Changing Dog Accessories You Need Right Now

With 86% of pet owners agreeing that their pets have a positive impact on their mental health, it’s no stretch to say our furry friends take good care of us.

It only makes sense that we’d want to take good care of them too! Having all the best accessories to make your pooch feel happy and taken care of is the perfect way to show your appreciation.

A great dog accessory may bring joy to your dog’s life, make them more comfortable, or make your life as a dog owner easier. Here’s our list of the 9 game-changing accessories you and your dog need today.

1. The Perfect Doggie Storage

One thing that’s true no matter what kind of dog you have is that they all need plenty of accessories to stay healthy and happy. That means they also need a space in your home where you can keep their accessories clean and organized.

There are many storage options you can buy depending on the size and amount of shelf space you need. Make sure to look for something sturdy as some dog toys or bags of food can be heavy.

You can also purchase a storage basket or bin if your dog has a collection of toys that need a home. This way, your dog will also know where to find their toys.

Plastic food bins may also be a good idea if you want to store your dog’s food in an airtight container instead of its original bag.

2. A Dog Backpack

Part of the fun of owning a dog is being able to experience life with them and take them wherever you go. That’s why a dog backpack is an absolute must-have accessory.

These backpacks are designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. Whether you’re trekking a trail or stepping onto the subway your dog will be snug, safe, and part of the experience all while comfortably resting against you.

Most dog backpacks also come with storage pockets so you can bring along treats, waste bags, and other small items.

3. Summer Fun in the Sun

If your dog loves to play in water you won’t want to pass up buying some fun water accessories.

For sprinkler fun, opt for something easy but stimulating like a sprinkler pad. You can also look into purchasing a doggie swimming pool that is just big enough for your pooch, large or small, to enjoy.

You can even have fun with your dog with the help of some water guns. Choose the model that calls to your inner big kid and your dog will reap the fun and benefits.

4. The Comfiest Bed

You want your pooch to be as comfortable when they sleep as you are in your bed, so buying the perfect dog bed is a must.

If your dog loves simplicity you can’t go wrong with a mesh cot. These types of cots help keep your dog cool and are easy to keep clean. You can even find an attachable cot canopy to ensure your dog stays in the shade.

If your dog loves a plush bed, look for memory foam or other ultra-soft fabrics.

5. Convenient First Aid Kits

Being prepared and safe is a wonderful act of love that shows you’re always ready to take care of your pet in case of accidents or emergencies.

A first aid or emergency kit is a must-have for home life, travel, and camping. The right kit will be easy to transport and not be too heavy or big. Different kits contain different items, but they should all be helpful in a variety of situations.

Some examples of what a kit should contain are bandages, gauze, tape, a muzzle, a syringe, antiseptic cleansing wipes, tweezers, an extra collar and leash, a thermometer, an ice pack, and more.

6. The Right Raincoat

Whether or not your dog likes water, every dog needs a raincoat! The right raincoat will be waterproof and fit your dog just right. Too-tight clothes are never a good idea.

Make sure you pick a raincoat that has secure, comfortable straps so it doesn’t slip off during a walk in the rain. If your dog enjoys staying fully dry, look for a raincoat that features a hood also.

7. A Pet Camera

Have you ever wondered what your pooch is up to when you’re not at home? You can easily keep up with your dog’s day when you invest in a pet camera.

A pet camera will allow you to watch your dog whenever you want from your laptop or phone.

Depending on the model, you may be able to pan your camera view, track dog barking, view night vision, use two-way audio, or even dispense treats. Many models also pair with smart technology.

8. Stimulating Games

One way to keep your pet stimulated is to provide them with plenty of brain-teasing games that use yummy treats as motivation.

Purchase your dog a fun puzzle game that allows you to hide treats for your dog to sniff out and find. You can also look for a snuffle mat, a soft mat that features folds and pockets to hide treats in.

You can also buy a treat toy that makes your dog work a little to reach their reward. This will keep your dog entertained and occupied longer than the average toy.

9. Portable Waste Bag Holder

One thing you can never have enough of when it comes to your dog is plenty of waste bags.

Chances are, you’ve been in a situation where you needed a waste bag and realized too late that you didn’t have one. A portable waste bag holder will ensure this never happens again!

These convenient, small storage bags hold a roll of waste bags that you can keep attached to your dog’s leash. You’ll never worry about remembering the waste bags again!

Learn About Dog Accessories and More

Now you know the 9 must-have accessories your dog needs today. Whether it’s bringing your dog joy, excitement, or comfort, your furry friends will appreciate these accessories.

If you want to learn more about pet accessories and other animal topics, be sure to check out our “animals” webpage today.

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