5 Key Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Ice Packs For Shipping

5 Key Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Ice Packs For Shipping

Ice packs are an effective way to keep products cold during shipping and handling. Unlike dry ice, which can damage skin and requires special handling, gel packs are safe for direct contact with human skin.

These reusable gel ice packs contain a biodegradable refrigerant that’s safe for pouring down household drains and septic systems, plus the outer bag is kerbside recyclable.

Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Ice Packs For Shipping


Most reusable ice packs are made of a plastic pouch filled with a freezable liquid. Some are designed as ice “finger” packs perforated for easy tearing and specific size requirements. Others are composed of a rigid material filled with a gel that can be either cold or hot. The latter is often made with propylene glycol, an organic compound similar to antifreeze.

These reusable ice packs are the types that you might find in your meal kit delivery service. They can easily fit into insulated shippers, pan carriers, and countertop condiment holders.

They take a shorter time to freeze than other ice packs and keep drinks cold for up to a day or more. Unlike Dry Ice, they do not evaporate and require no special handling safety guidelines. Once the product is consumed, the pack can be poured down the drain, and the film can be recycled as soft plastics. Consumers are familiar with these ice packs and feel confident that the contents can be disposed of down the drain without any concerns or repercussions.


Unlike many reusable ice packs filled with water or small gel beads (some of which can be irritating if swallowed), most eco friendly ice packs for shipping are made from a non-toxic, food-safe, and environmentally friendly natural-based cooling gel. It is easy to dispose of by simply pouring it down your sink drain or toilet and does not clog pipes. The outer paper packaging matches paper recycling trends and is curbside recyclable in multiple markets.

This drain-friendly freezer gel is the perfect alternative to dry ice when shipping food. The gel will not damage or harm packages and containers like dry ice cans and can even be reused to chill food in coolers for camping, tailgating, or catering events. If you decide to discard the gel pack, its plastic film is recyclable wherever #4 low-density polyethylene plastic is accepted. The only completely Eco-friendly drainable ice pack on the market. It’s safe to pour down your kitchen drain or toilet and won’t clog your pipe! It’s also safer to handle than dry ice, which is hazardous and requires special handling.


Many ice packs contain liquid or a gel refrigerant that lasts for hours. This benefits food, beverages and other temperature-sensitive products that must be kept cold during storage, shipping and packaging.

Most of these gel packs are made with a blend of propylene glycol (an antifreeze chemical), water, dye and hydroxyethyl cellulose. They also have a biodegradable plastic film that degrades into water, carbon dioxide and biomass at the landfill.

These ice packs are safe to touch, do not leak and can be placed directly on your products without harming them. They are easy to clean and only take up a little space in your freezer.

These eco-friendly ice packs are ideal for local, interstate, or international shipping. They can be used in insulated shippers, pan carriers and countertop condiment holders to keep items cool. Unlike Dry Ice, these gel packs are non-toxic and do not evaporate in transit. On the other hand, dry ice disappears rapidly and has more safety and packaging regulations to adhere to.


In addition to their environmental benefits, recyclable ice packs are also safer than dry ice when used to chill food. They contain non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients and are safe to pour down a drain or septic system. At the same time, dry ice must be handled with extreme care by a trained individual wearing protective equipment.

When it comes to disposing of gel ice packs, they can usually be recycled as long as the plastic shell is clean and the gel is drained. The ice packs can then be rinsed, dried and dropped off with other plastic bags at your local recycling center.

If you can’t recycle your ice pack, many hospitals and medical centers always look for unused gel ice packs to provide their patients with cold compresses to reduce swelling or injury pain. They can even be used in lunch boxes and coolers to keep foods and beverages chilled during road trips, sports events or picnics. In addition, you can repurpose a gel ice pack as plant food by mixing it with water to pour over indoor and outdoor plants.

Environmentally Friendly

Using environmentally friendly ice packs also reduces the amount of disposable plastic waste. The reusable gel ice pack of sodium polyacrylate absorbs and holds moisture for hours without losing shape. This makes it a great option for packaging food and beverage products that will be shipped long distances. It also cuts down delivery and pre-freezing times for improved efficiency and consistency.

In addition, these ice bags are BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free and come with a machine-washable and removable cover ideal for home use. They are also made of recycled materials, better for the environment than traditional gel ice bags that must be discarded after each use.

Dry ice is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional ice packs as it is made of solid carbon dioxide and has a freezing temperature of -79°C. It is ideal for shipping foods and pharmaceuticals that can withstand the cold environment of a cargo container. When it is thawed, dry ice sublimates back into CO2 gas, and there are no secondary waste materials to dispose of.

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