Tips for Military Families to Save on Travel

Tips for Military Families to Save on Travel

Military personnel and their families are frequent travelers. New assignments happen regularly, and that can mean relocating to a different part of the country or the world. Visiting relatives or friends for holidays or special occasions when on leave is another reason to travel.

Transportation can be expensive and hard to manage on a military salary. There are tips that can help military families save on travel.

Use Travel Credit Cards

Armed forces travel often involves plane flights and paying by credit card. Applying for and using travel credit cards is an effective way to save money. These cards reward purchases with points that can be redeemed toward the cost of airfare, hotels, and other travel expenses.

Use Flight Discounts

There are several flight discounts available to military families that can significantly lower the cost of air travel. Space Available flights provide discounted flights by using available seats on military aircraft and are offered to currently enlisted personnel, veterans, and their families.

Use Local Deals

Many restaurants, hotels, and other local businesses related to travel offer discounts and deals to members of the military and their families. Finding out what deals are offered at the destination can significantly reduce travel costs.

Use Connections

Family, friends, or fellow military personnel can supply plenty of excellent information. They can suggest budget-friendly restaurants and lodgings and may even be able to put your family up for a few nights. Locals know their communities, and having connections and utilizing their knowledge is a great way to save on many travel expenses.

Military families travel frequently. The expenses involved can add up quickly. People who make the sacrifice to serve the nation deserve to save when having to move around with family. Taking advantage of these tips can help armed forces members and their families travel on a friendly budget.

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