What Does It Mean When Your Right Hand Itches (April 2024)

What Does Right-Hand Itching in Females Means

Worried about itching in the right hand? While a lot of people believe the thing is superstition, some people have a strong belief in the myth related to itchy palms. Astrology says itching the right palm in females calls for lousy luck, but it is considered good luck in the case of males. Let’s read the article till its end to find more explanation about itchy palms.

Right Palm Itching Meaning

Nowadays, every human being is chasing money. Sometimes, luck plays a positive role in hard work and devotion. The itchy right palm may mean several things related to luck, lottery, or monetary gain, or it can also be a symptom of potential health issues.

In India, generally, the right hand is considered the receiving hand. So, if the right-hand itches, then it is believed that the person is going to receive or win something related to wealth or money. But the itchy left palm is considered unlucky, which means something will be taken away.

The experts suggest the following explanation related to itchy Palm which is as follows:

1. Money Is Coming

As people make most of their transactions using the right hand, an itchy right-hand means they are going to have a considerable amount of cash.

2 You Will Make A New Friend

There are some popular beliefs that itchy right hands indicate that you will make new friends in your life. This belief generally comes from the handshakes that people use their right hand. So, having an itchy Palm could indicate a sort of social connection also.

3. You Are Going To Win A Fight

The itchy hand may also indicate that you are going to stay on top of things that you have challenged. While the itchy left palm suggests that you are about to lose in any battle, right-hand itching may also indicate that you will win a fight soon.

Meaning of Right-Hand Itching in Females

It is believed that right-hand itching in females is unlucky, especially when money or lottery-related matters are concerned. So if you’re planning to make any investment decision or take money from someone and suddenly your right-hand starts itching, postpone your plans for a day or two.

Medical Explanation For Itchy Palms

As per medical science, itchy palms could relate to serious health problems such as thyroid issues, liver disease, or diabetes. If you also notice other symptoms along with your right palms, you should consult a doctor. Apart from assuming good fortune for itchy palms, you should also seek medical attention if the problem is severe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does an Itchy hand mean Anything?

An itchy palm means you will experience good luck, especially for males. But in reality, it could pose a sign of underlying health conditions.

Q: What Does It Mean to Have Itchy Palms on Your Left Hand?

An itchy left palm is a sign of bad luck, which is related to money most of the time. As per the common belief, a left itchy palm in a female is considered as lucky, but it is regarded as bad luck for a male.

Q. How to Stop Your Right Hand From Itching?

You can stop your right hand from the itching by applying a cold or wet cloth on the palm. Also, make sure to keep your hands moisturized to avoid itching.


Hopefully, now you have understood what right-hand itching in females means. However, good luck is only not applied to financial conditions. It could also relate that you will find a suitable match in your life. If the itching is too severe, don’t forget to seek medical attention.

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