Where to Find the Best Rental Bikes in Hawaii: A Complete Guide

Where to Find the Best Rental Bikes in Hawaii: A Complete Guide

Did you know that in 2022, Hawaii is one of the places that’s on top of everybody’s bucket list?

With the increase in foot traffic, travelers now face a new struggle. That is, finding good and affordable ways to travel around the island. The good news is rental bikes are exceedingly available. You can find them in every town on the island.

Hawaii Island had 1,674,208 visitors?

Do you want to explore all Hawaii has to offer with a bike? Keep reading on how to find the best rental bikes in Hawaii.

Kimo’s Electric Bike Tours and Rentals

Located in two locations – Lahaina and Kihei – across the island, they provide customers with exceptional service and top-quality bike rentals. They make sure to properly maintain and tune up their bikes for the safety, fun, and comfort of the rider. Moreover, they can give you suggestions on what routes are better to ride your bike.

Their experienced and knowledgeable staff also offer excellent customer service with great attention to detail. If you want to include hiking and snorkel excursions in your package, Kimos Electric Bike Tours is your best choice.

Lahaina E-bike Rental

Located in Lahaina on the beautiful island of Maui, its shop offers a wide selection of quality electric bike rentals. With a Lahaina bike rental, you have the freedom to stop whenever and anywhere you choose.

Also, with these bikes, you can make it around the scenic West Maui Mountains in one day without breaking a sweat. Specifically, you can tour from Lahaina, Kaanapali, up to Kapalua.

You may book a bike for 4 hours, 24 hours, up to a maximum of 7 days. Make sure to secure a slot and pick up your bike at the right time to fully enjoy your ride.

Their rental package includes a helmet, bike lock, and chargers for those who rent the bike for 24 hours. They recommend their customers wear close-toed shoes. Additionally, riders who are less than 4’10” are not allowed to rent a bike.

Kihei E-bike Rental

Kihei E-Bike Rental on the south side of Maui is Hawaii’s premier provider of e-bike rentals and tours.

With Kimo’s Kihei bike rentals, you will have numerous options for entertainment, including a wide range of dining options ranging from local food trucks to sophisticated coastal eateries. Their wide range of tours covers all of the island’s top-rated attractions, including Haleakala Volcano and Ahihi-Kinau Reserve.

They also offer rent duration of 4 hours, 24 hours, and 1 week. The package includes a helmet, bike lock, and charger for rentals having a duration of 24 hours or more.

You must take note that for their Fuji Bikes, the rider must be 15 and above. For RAD power bikes, the qualified age is 18 and above.

Waikīkī Bike Rentals

Visitors to Hawaii can get around conveniently, affordably, and amusingly by renting bikes in Waikīkī. Tourists of all ages can use the island’s low-stress bikeways.

You may want to ride a Biki Bike for a day or rent a bike for a week from Hawaiian Style Rentals. You can choose from five different bike kinds at these two Waikiki bike stores located at 2556 Lemon Road and 138 Uluniu Avenue. Whatever you choose, the quality of your ride is always guaranteed.

Biki Bikes

Biki Bikes is one of the leading providers of Hawaii rental bicycles. With several convenient stations located throughout the island, it makes it easy to pick up and drop off their rental bikes.

This bike rental has more than 130 stations spread out over Honolulu. It’s a simple method to make short journeys to Waikīkī Beach, Diamond Head, and Kakaako. You can ride for $4.50 for a single ride, $12 for a 24-hour pass, or $30 for a Free Spirit bank of 300 minutes.

Hawaiian Style Rentals

Hawaiian-style rentals are an excellent choice for rental bikes in Waikīkī. There is no need to locate a parking station because, with these bikes, you can stop wherever you chain your bike.

Although it isn’t mandated by state legislation, their renter is given a helmet for protection.

Ridesmart Maui Electric Bikes

On a thrilling electric bike from Ridesmart Maui Electric Bikes, you can simply cruise while losing yourself in the splendor of Maui’s West Coast! You won’t need to worry about your kids because their packages are for the entire family.

On a high-quality electric bike, you may explore neighboring places, including Lahaina, Kapalua, Napili Bay, Ka’anapali, Launiupoko, and more! With their self-guided e-bike trips, you may discover stunning beaches, hiking trails, dunes, remote lookouts, and much more.

But you must note that they only have a few bikes each day. These are some of their packages that you should not miss:

Aloha West Maui 2-Hour Self-Guided Electric Bike Tour

Aloha West Maui 2-Hour Self-Guided Electric Bike Tour takes you on a journey through the stunning West Maui landscapes and provides a unique electric bike experience. The bike is fully equipped with the latest in electric motor technology that will make your journey smooth and enjoyable.

Their bike rental price starts from 40.87 U.S. dollars per adult. They observe the reserve now and pay later policy, as well as a free cancelation.

The time when you can start riding your bike depends on the availability of the bike during your booking session.

The package includes electric bike safety gear, a bike-like, and an interactive guide. You may find their shop in Kaanapali Pkwy where you will get and return your bike.

West Maui E-bike Self-Guided Island Adventure Tour

With a network of safe biking trails throughout West Maui, West Maui Ebike Self-Guided Island Adventure Tour provides everything you need to explore the island on two wheels. The tour includes a variety of terrain, from flat beach coastlines to rolling hills and lush rainforests.

The rental bikes themselves are top-of-the-line, with reliable brakes and a lightweight bike frame. You will also receive a helmet, trail guide, and lock as protection for electric bikes so you can be sure to stay safe while navigating the terrain.

This package costs 61.34 U.S. dollars per adult. With this amount, you will enjoy a ride of 4 hours. Moreover, they made their e-bikes allowable for service animals.

Big Island Bike Tours

Big Island Bike Tours offers the best rental bikes in Hawaii, with a wide variety of options. They have road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and e-bikes that are perfect for bike enthusiasts.

They provide a variety of bikes, including Bianchi, Giant, and OPEN Cycles. These are the manufacturers who design and construct the world’s top bikes.

You can ride an e-bike around the lovely Kona roads while beach hopping, take on an epic all-day mountain bike ride at Anna Ranch, or visit the stunning Waimea backroads. Along the Kona and Kohala coasts, Big Island Bike Tours can transport bikes right to your door. They may also provide you with a nice, knowledgeable guide if you decide to seek one.

Road Bike Rentals

Due to its Italian origin, swift, comfortable ride, and traditional celeste color, they offer Bianchi as one of their pride as a road bike rental. The Bianchi Aria Ultegra Di2’s highly aerodynamic frameset will come in handy if you experience the Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway’s strong winds.

On rural roads outside of Waimea, the Bianchi Intenso Ultegra Di2 thrives at all-day endurance riding. The Giant TCR Advanced Carbon, on the other hand, is a lightweight climbing and descending vehicle that is ideal for a journey up Mauna Loa.

Their rates vary with the type of bike you choose and the duration of your use. You may book the bike that you like online.

Mountain Bike Rentals

For Mountain Bike Rentals, they partnered with Giant, the biggest bicycle producer in the world. This is to give you a luxurious full suspension and high-end features.

Choose the Giant Stance 29er for more pleasure on the lower slopes of Mauna Loa and greater confidence on the difficult trails of Anna Ranch. It has rock-eating plus-size tires and 120 mm of travel. Or choose a Giant Trance E, a full-suspension, 150 mm-travel electric-assist mountain bike, to increase your speed up hills and your stamina on the path.

Gravel Bike Rentals

Big Island Bike Tours chooses OPEN gravel bikes for their small weight, maneuverability, and enjoyment. Additionally, OPEN is the greatest option because they invented the concept of dual-wheel size compatibility and reduced chainstays.

With their 700c Vittoria Corsa Gs, you can adjust comfort and traction. The OPEN U.P. is a part of their OPEN rental fleet. It also includes the OPEN WI.DE., which supports MTB tires or gravel tires up to 2.4″. The gravel bike is open for rent for up to 7 days, with prices varying with the bike model and duration of rent.

E-Bike Rentals

Just like other e-bikes, the ones that Big Island Bike Tours offers are there to boost power. On their Vida E+, which offers a natural boost in power and a relaxed, upright riding position, you can travel farther and quicker with less effort.

Alternately, going for the Transend E+ offers both fitness and transportation modes, allowing you to select whether you feel like relaxing or working up a sweat.

The price varies, and you can directly check them on their website. This is also where you can book for E-bike rentals.

Bike Works Beach and Sports

Bike Works Beach and Sports features a wide variety of rental bikes. These include pro carbon road bikes, electric road bikes, expert carbon road bikes, and touring bikes.

They have specialized mountain bikes, adult cruisers, and kids’ bikes. They also have a great selection of high-quality rental bikes, with many of their models equipped with disc brakes, full suspension, and lightweight parts.

In addition, they offer tailored rental packages that include maps, basic repair supplies, helmets, and other bike-related accessories. Their knowledgeable staff is on hand to help you with selection, electric bike maintenance, and any technical concerns you may have.

Only 90 days before the beginning of their commencement date can any of their reservations be made. Also, take note that their rental office is open every day from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Thus, you have to return the bike before it closes.

Pro Carbon Road Bikes

Pro Carbon Road Bikes are lightweight and efficient, enabling riders to move through rugged terrain with ease. In Bike Works Beach and Sports, their pro carbon bikes are from S-works and Cervelo. Luckily, they have bikes both for men and women.

The price varies with the duration of your rent. The longer you rent a bike, the more you will save. If you rent for a day, you will pay $130, but if you rent a bike for 5 days or more, you will only pay $95 per day.

Electric Road Bikes

Electric road bikes are perfect for long rides. These bikes from Bike Works Beach and Sports come with a charger for the electric bike battery and repair kits, including a hand pump, tire levers, tube, multi-tool, and patch kit.

Their chosen types of electric bikes are all from Creo. The prices don’t vary on the make and model but on the duration of your rent. So if you are staying in Hawaii for quite some time, it’s better to rent a bike longer for you to save.

Expert Carbon Road Bikes

Expert Carbon Road Bike’s bike rentals include a wide variety of bikes, ranging from beginners’ bikes to high-performance road bikes to fit any skill level. With affordable rates and high-quality bikes, these bikes are perfect for experienced cyclists who are looking for an upgrade or a recreational rider out for a leisure ride.

These bikes are mostly sold out, so you must book earlier if you are aiming for a certain model. Renting an expert carbon road bike a day will cost you $95. You can also save up to $38 if you will rent one for 8 or more days.

Choose the Best Rental Bikes in Hawaii Today

Visiting rental bikes in Hawaii opens the opportunity for you to explore the island and have an unforgettable experience.

With a wide range of choices, including Kimos Electric Bike Tours and Rentals, Waikīkī Bike Rentals, Ridesmart Maui Electric Bikes, Big Island Bike Tours, and Bike Works Beach and Sports, you will surely enjoy the views in Hawaii.

So, don’t delay. Rent a bike in Hawaii today!

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