5 Wig Colors That Every Collection Needs

5 Wig Colors That Every Collection Needs

Have you ever wondered what colors of wigs exist in the world?

As one of the most diverse fashion items, wig colors range from dark and rich to bright and fun. Choosing the right wig color is essential as it helps to boost your confidence. It can communicate your personality, not just in looks but in how you feel.

So what’s the best variety of unique colors? We’re glad you asked!

Five Most Important Wig Colors for any Collection

1. The Power of the Blonde Wig

Blonde wigs emit a sense of power and confidence, allowing one to show off their strength, courage, and ambition. They can provide an extra layer of protection, helping to hide insecurities and to boost self-esteem.

There are a variety of blonde shades available, from light to dark. The hues in which these come in can be adapted to create specifically tailored looks. Whether you decide to go bold, toned down, or natural, you can use a blonde wig in many different ways to give you the best possible confidence.

2. Flattering Shades of Brown

There are endless shades of brown that provide endless styling opportunities. You can choose something subtle and natural or something bold and bright.

A few popular samples of brown wig colors to consider include chunky highlights, espresso brown, dark coffee, and light caramel. These different shades provide the perfect mix of natural and bold, so you can switch up your look for any occasion.

3. Be Fierce With Red

A vibrant, bold red wig can take your beauty look to the next level. This fiery hue is both classic and modern at the same time and it is one of the most timeless colors that should be included in every wig collection.

A ginger-colored wig is a statement-making hue, so it’s perfect for those who want to make a big impact. Whether it’s a waist-length bob with long side-swept bangs or a shorter blunt cut with lots of volumes, a red wig is sure to turn heads. Not to mention, it’s flattering on everyone, so there’s no way you can go wrong.

4. Black With the Classic

A classic black wig is an essential item in just about every wig collection, no matter the setting or occasion. It can be dressed up with decorative accessories or down with a casual hat and t-shirt. You may view this black wig and understand that it is versatile and works with almost any outfit or makeup look.

5. Create Highlighting Effects With Two-Toned Wigs

A basic two-tone option is to mix a light blonde with a medium blonde for subtle highlights. A medium brown with a light brown also works for a slightly more dramatic look.

For those looking for something a bit bold, a jet black mixed with an icy white or platinum blonde will create a great contrast. With these wig colors, you can have beautiful highlights in any style.

Try These Wig Colors Now

A wig collection isn’t complete until you have a few basic wig colors. You can have colors like warm medium brown to reflect those subtle sprinklings of an auburn or a bold and bright platinum blonde. These wig colors form a starting point for experimenting and pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Have fun with it. Add a few different colorful wigs to your collection today!

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