The Different Types of Glass Bubblers Used in Smoking

The Different Types of Glass Bubblers Used in Smoking

Bubblers are popular for smokers who want the exact smooth hits that bongs provide without the bulky size.

Like bongs, bubbler pipes draw smoke through water to cool and filter it. This filtration helps produce smoother and more enjoyable hits that can help alleviate a heavy blow’s irritation.

Percolator Bubbler

Percolators (or percs) are an advanced type of water pipe designed to filter, diffuse, and cool your smoke. Available in many designs with different diffusion methods, percolators add sophistication to your bong that can significantly enhance the experience.

A common type of percolator is the tree perc, which resembles a tree with multiple glass rods that branch out from a central tube. The smoke is forced up through the main trunk before it is pushed down through the branch-like limbs, which have small slits that maximize diffusion.

Inline percolators also come in various styles. Their basic design uses a long glass rod fitted with numerous holes along its length to maximize bubble formation and filtration. These percolators are commonly paired with other percs to create a better effect.

Matrix percolators are another popular style of perc. They are often stacked on top of one another to create more bubbles, which can help your smoke travel further for improved filtration and cooling.Percolator Bubbler

Straight Bubbler

A Straight Bubbler is an excellent option for a smooth, flavourful hit. These bubblers have a built-in chamber that filters and cools the smoke before it reaches your lungs, making it easier to inhale.

They also take up less space and require less water than bongs, which makes them more portable than pipes. They’re also an excellent option for beginners because they’re easy to use and draw from.

These glass bubblers for weed come in many styles and sizes to suit your smoking preferences. They are available from various artists and offer a unique look to your smoking experience.

A bubbler pipe is famous for many smokers because it’s simple to use and offers water filtration. They’re a great option for on-the-go smokers and look as good on your coffee table as in your hand..

Dual Percolator Bubbler

There are a variety of different types of glass bubblers used in smoking. They all work to filter the smoke and cool it down before it inhales into your lungs.

Depending on the design, percs can be built into water pipes or add-ons to bongs. Whatever your preference, percs are a must for a smoother and healthier smoking experience.

The original downstem percs use slits to filter smoke, but more complicated designs like tree percs and showerhead percs can offer even more excellent filtration. The more glass columns, tubes or rods a perc has, the more filtration it will show.

If you’re looking for a high-quality perc, you should opt for a thick borosilicate glass bong. These are more durable and will last longer than their less sturdy counterparts.

Double Percolator Bubbler

Located either in the tube or base of bongs, percolators create water filtration (aka bubbles) to help remove irritants and naturally cool smoke. Unlike other styles of bongs, percs are designed to prevent all the smoke from rushing into the water chamber at once – creating a much smoother and filtered smoking experience.

These can be categorized into different types, each with benefits and drawbacks. Some provide better filtration than others and can come with various unique features.

The disc perc is one of the most popular, with tiny holes that diffuse the smoke before it gets to your lungs. While this type of perc can make it easier for beginners, it also can be challenging to clean.

Another popular option, the matrix perc, is similar to the showerhead perc in its multiple complex rows of horizontal and vertical slits. This allows even dispersal of the bubbles as they travel from the top row to the bottom, resulting in high diffusion volumes.

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